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Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Started…

I wouldn't expect Colin Barnett, at this stage, to say anything other than that he didn't think a legal challenge would succeed. It will be interesting to see whether he or Local Government Minister, Tony Simpson, feel the same after viewing the basis for challenge.

And his urging local government 'to look forward rather than back' sounds awfully like yet more bullying - I have heard that local councils have been threatened that if they resist forced amalgamations the Minister would appoint Commissioners and dismiss Councils. Local Governments should not fall for this bluff - the Local Government Act provides for commissioners to be appointed only under certain very specific circumstances (paras 2.6(4), 2.36A(3), 2.37(4), 8.30 and 8.33) none of which could possibly apply in these circumstances.

It is not my wish to take this all the way to litigation, but if that's what it takes, if Barnett and Simpson are determined to destroy democratic processes in this state, so be it.

Good to see the state Opposition waking up, as they have been conspicuously missing in action so far.

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