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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lies, Damn Lies and Minister's Arithmetic
It has been pointed out to me that the Minister for Local Government, Tony (Homer) Simpson, might share atrocious arithmetical ability as well as a surname with his TV alter ego.

The Minister is reported as saying: "For five hundred houses in Yallingup, a one per cent increase doesn't raise a lot of money, "but over 100,000 properties, a one per cent increase would raise over $100m".

Wow! If a 1% rate increase can raise $100 million from 100,000 properties that is equivalent to $1000 each.  I wonder what their normal rate is?
If he is talking 1% of GRV, i.e. 1 cent in the dollar, then the average GRV must be $100,000 - nearly six times the GRV for my house in the City of Vincent.
The GRV for my large house in prime position in Mt Lawley opposite Hyde Park is $17,680. The 'typical' value used in the City of Vincent Budget for comparison purposes with other local governments is $21,000. Is there anywhere in the metropolitan area that has typical or average GRV of $100,000?
Of course he might be talking about a 1% increase in payable rates which means the average rate for whatever area has these 100,000 properties is $100,000 a year - eighty times what I pay on my house in the City of Vincent.*
Incidentally, Vincent's rates are the 8th lowest in the metropolitan area, after allowing for the fact that it does not have a separate rubbish levy as most other Councils do - so why does the Minister think Vincent is so inefficient that it should be abolished?

* This para amended 13th June 2014, from '$10,000 a year' and 'eight times'. This is one of those cases where the correct value is so far from what might seem reasonable that the error looked reasonable. In my defence - at least I checked. It seems no one had the nouse to check Homer's figures.

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