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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wrong (Again) Minister

Why was it Local Government Minister, Tony (Homer) Simpson, threatening local governments on planning matters yesterday? He is responsible for the Local Government Act, 1995; planning and development approval functions are delegated to local governments under the Planning Act, 2005, by the Minister for Planning.

Was it, perhaps, an attempt to bolster Simpson's standing by distracting attention from the forced amalgamations debacle? Not at all sure he has any standing these days - see for example his pathetic non-answer to the parliamentary question about his meeting with the Community Action Alliance.

Or perhaps it was a desperate recognition that legal action is likely to stop the government's forced amalgamations in their tracks. Was Homer really saying that if he can't advance the interests of the development industry in one way he'll do it in another - pity (for him) he can't actually do it.

I wonder if he told Planning Minister, John Day, what he was intending to do?

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